Be a Sustainability Champion

(Multipurpose Room 0140 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm)

Moving from inspiration, to idea, to launch, and beyond.

This interactive workshop is designed for youth who may want to develop and lead a new sustainability project or social enterprise, or take on a leadership role to scale-up an existing opportunity. We also welcome those of you who are unsure and want to explore whether you are ready to become a sustainability champion. It will be an action-oriented, apathy-free zone.

Young people care deeply about the fate of the planet, its people, and their future. Given the opportunity, youth have great power to influence positive change in their communities. Participants in this workshop will be inspired to move from simply thinking about our sustainability challenges to boldly standing up and taking action to address these issues in your communities—through businesses, social enterprises, campus clubs, community organizations, and more! Together, we will explore innovative solutions, be introduced to unique project development tools, and begin to chart your course to becoming sustainability champions. You will also learn about further opportunities to continue your journey.


Manager of Youth Sustainability Leadership with The Natural Step Canada.

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After leading communications and fundraising for the organization since 2010, he jumped into the driver seat of the IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Training program in 2012. This inspiring program is a high-impact initiative that builds the capacity of young leaders to act strategically to address the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing their communities. Participants deepen their sustainability understanding, enhance their confidence as leaders, and are empowered to develop or advance meaningful sustainability projects and social enterprises.

Josh now leads unique collaborative programming for youth across Canada who are passionate about sustainability and want to make a tangible difference in their communities. He has also been invited to deliver stimulating guest workshops, lectures, and presentations on youth sustainability leadership at a growing number of universities, including McGill University, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, Queen's University, and Western University.

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