Venture Forward Workshop

Room 1200 (3:30pm-5:00pm)

Social entrepreneurs Chris Moss and Jean Paul Mouton showcase the transformational impact of holistic and human-centered consulting practices. The workshop offers real-time real-life lessons from three of a kind home-grown but far-reaching ventures (Coupons for Hunger, Impact Junk Solutions and Spirit’s Whisper) and delivers a hands-on bootcamp that can bring out the social change agent in anyone.

Chris Moss

Founder, Moss Leadership Consulting

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Chris Moss has twenty-two years of nonprofit work and volunteer experience and a strong understanding of the social problems that face local communities. With an MA in Leadership and a focus on transformational change she supports organizations looking for sustainable options and enjoys
breaking the status quo that often keeps them stagnant and inefficient. With an expertise in organizational culture, social enterprise, facilitation, curriculum development, change management and dealing with difficult situations she always seeks the best out of the clients she works with by challenging them think in new ways. She has worked with leaders of all levels (and treat each person as their own unique individual, not based on their job title) to help them rethink the way they live, work and play.

Jean-Paul Mouton

Founder, Moutonco Ltd.

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Jean-Paul is a passionate and dedicated advocate for social innovation. The organization he founded, Moutonco, functions as a boutique creative and strategic agency, servicing socially conscious and values-driven brands, organizations and enterprises all over the world. 

Jean-Paul is an MBA graduate from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan and his undergraduate degrees, in International Politics were earned from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Jean-Paul is an avid runner and keen photographer. His current volunteer roles includes the position of Treasurer at UnLondon Digital Media Association. You can connect with Jean-Paul on Twitter or by .

Colleen Lindemann & Tonia Richardson

Coupons For Hunger


There is a growing demand in our community for food & basic needs. Coupons For Hunger has creatively found a way to give back to the City of London through couponing. Coupons For Hunger Founders, began couponing on a personal level and came up with an innovative idea to acquire low-to-no cost products to make donations that would directly benefit our neighbourhoods. The launch of this social purpose business is to help address the needs of the estimated 25,657 residents facing food insecurity in London, Ontario yearly. We have taken a hands-on approach to grow this initiative through networking. We have developed key relationships with local retailers, Miller Waste Group and London Food Bank. We have gained their support and interest to aid our community on a larger scale. 

Colleen is a vibrant and passionate volunteer who has learned the skill of couponing and is excited to share her outcome with people in need. Colleen loves working with people in every aspect of her life and is a seasoned leader who applies her skills to develop the potential in others.

Tonia is a strong believer in employee engagement and has successfully stirred up the potential in her current workplace. With a goal to increase participation in local businesses Tonia’s energy level and contagious passion will transform the employees and increase their productivity

Kevin Dickins

Impact Junk Solutions

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Kevin is the Manager of Community Programs at WOTCH Community Mental Health Services. Over the last 7 years Kevin has been integral in the development of evidenced based practices in the Vocational Rehabilitation Services program at WOTCH including Social Enterprise. Kevin’s involvement in research and the marginalized population has led to presentations at Poverty and Social Inclusion conferences, at the International Community-University Expo in Newfoundland, a seat on the Community-University Research Alliance, and a contributing author on a paper entitled Social Determinants of Employment for Psychiatric Consumer Survivors in London. As Manager, Kevin led a small team that created and launched WOTCH’s Impact Junk Solutions. The launch of Impact Junk Solutions in 2012 has brought all sorts of opportunities and challenges as the business attempts to build upon their profitable first year. Impact continues to grow its triple bottom line focusing on waste diversion and recycling, supporting individuals with a mental illness achieve a better quality of life, and providing the level of service to its customers that has garnered Impact a Pillar Innovation Award nomination and the 2013 Best of London award. When not managing two programs and running a social enterprise, Kevin enjoys downtime with his wife Heather and daughter Brooklyn in their hometown of Exeter.

Kristy Rockley

Spirit's Whisper


Kristi Rockley is owner and lead mare of Horse-drawn Insights and Spirit's Whisper Ranch in Straffordville, Ontario. Kristi, has creatively combined the "Call of the Horse" to a new walk of life, with an awareness and respect for the life-enhancing impact that horses have on us. By embracing life with intention, wholeness, and authenticity, Kristi creates a "space of possibility" at Horse-drawn Insights, where participants are encouraged to discover and welcome their authentic selves. She and her herd cultivate fun and nurturing personal and professional growth and development opportunities.

Nearly 20 years of dedicated service and experience as a police officer and police trainer, with Waterloo Regional and York Regional Police Departments, have contributed to Kristi's skills as an effective instructor, coach, and facilitator. She is well-versed in researching, creating, and presenting reality-based experiences and instructional workshops, lectures, and conferences. Kristi encourages and challenges individuals and teams, to further develop their awareness, knowledge, skills, and attitudes.